proef een gedicht lees een lied

Old soul

She is an old soul
with the eyes of a child.
His baby knows it all,
but yet remains wild.

It takes time
to find out
where she goes,
what she wants,
how she’ll get old.

It takes time
to find out.
It’s called life.
It’s not now that she’s called wife,
that she feels whole.

He is a rich soul,
he is entering a cove.
He is a pure man
true to life and love.

It takes time
to find out
how he’ll grow,
how he’ll show
she’s the queen of the ball.

He took time
and found out
she has the sun in her hair,
sun in her eyes,
sun in her life.

They are two old souls
with stars in their eyes.
Two lovers of gold
with a laugh that not dies.

It takes time
to find out
what to do,
how to live
and how to love.

They took time
they found out
what to do
how to live
and who to love.

They really did.

© Mark Simons, 2005
(huwelijk Patrick en Suzan)